Top Rated Dog Food ?
are you buying 'the best'
or buying
'the food that suits him best'

The top rated dog food industry is very big business, world wild sales of commercially produced dog foods both wet foods (tinned meat) and dry foods( cereal based complete balanced foods ) have rocketed into Billions of $ as dog lovers have become more and more aware of the need to give their pets a good well balanced meal that meets all a dogs needs. Read the ingredients notice on the side of any dog meal package and you will find a list of vitamins, proteins, calcium content etc, all good for your dog.

Prior to the mid 1800s when the first food made solely for the consumption of dogs was produced, dogs had survived on table scraps and home made food, the introduction of canned horse meat after WW1 as a means to dispose of dead horses in the 1930s. This saw the beginnings of the multi-billion $ industry that we see today.

Commercial top rated dog food producers strive to bring us ever new improved, better balanced, extra protein, added vitamins and things to make our dogs tail waggle faster and the cash registers ring louder.

It is true that commercially produced top rated dog foods have improved in the last 20 years, now whenever you open a new packet of food it really does smell nice. Keeps fresher longer, allowing you to save money by buying larger economy saving packs.

Wet Dog Food

Canned varieties of food are often higher in protein and/or fat than similar dry food, it contains more moisture, meaning that you will need to feed more tinned food to your dog, than if you were feeding dry food, this applies to all dog breeds . When opening a tin of dog meat it often looks like real chunks of meat, these are often created artificially, using grain gluten and protein gels.

Other Food Types

Frozen or Freeze Dried, These products can be raw or pre-cooked (not processed) and keep the full flavor of the nutrients, they are then frozen or freeze dried to preserve their shelf life.

Dehydrated, available in raw or cooked form, products are air dried to reduce moisture levels that will inhibit bacterial growth, often appearing like dog meal which requires warm water to be added before serving.

Fresh or refrigerated , the fresh ingredients are pasteurized and vacuum packed to preserve their, freshness, they must be kept refrigerated until used. They will keep on average 2 to 4 months if kept unopened

Vegetarian Options

These are my dogs favorite, I feed these to my dogs not for any ethical reasons, simply because my dogs like them, they thrive on them, and they never seem to suffer any upset stomach’s, Commercially produced, they offer a well balanced meal and contain ingredients such as oatmeal, pea protein and potatoes to provide the protein that is normally provided by meat.

You can buy your dog “the best” or you can buy your dog what “suits him the best” experiment with different branded products until you find one that he likes, introduce a new food gradually to avoid stomach upsets, one of my dogs will not eat a meal if she does not like it, although she is hungry, it stays in her dish and I get a dirty look as if to say 'You eat it, because I'm not touching that'. So we stick to the same old and every one is happy. An alternative to commercially produced food are the many healthier dog food recipes you may like to prepare for your dog.

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