Housebreaking a Puppy

Housebreaking a puppy is the process of teaching the puppy to go outdoors to urinate and defecate. A consistent approach in your training techniques will make this very necessary and time consuming task fairly easy to accomplish.
Before you Start you will need the Three Pee's Patience, Perseverance and Poop Scoop

How to Start Housebreaking a Puppy

Provide your puppy with a "safe place" where he can stay when he is not under your supervision. A crate works well for this purpose. You can also use a small, unused room in your home. Close the doorway off with a baby gate. Don't use a closed door to keep your puppy in his "safe place".

Your puppy may well spend a lot of time in this "safe place" so make certain it is enough space for him to be able to stand up, turn around and curl up to sleep. He needs to become accustomed to this space so that he does not see it as a punishment, but more as a space of his own that he will take himself to.
In the early days of housebreaking a puppy will need to be placed in the "safe place" when you cannot watch and supervise him. This is so that you can observe what he is doing and can take him outside if you see him beginning to urinate or defecate in the house. whilst out of the “safe place”

You will need to take your puppy outside very frequently when training first starts. Pick out an area in your yard where you opt for your puppy to get used to urinating and defecating. Take your puppy to this place frequently and always make certain you have your puppy's best-loved goodies with you.
When you see your puppy relieve himself outside, give a treat immediately. The object of the lesson is to teach your puppy that he will get rewarded for this behavior. So be consistent at the start and always be bounteous with the treats to start.

You may begin teaching your puppy to urinate or defecate on your command by saying something like "go pee, Spot" or "potty now". Soon your puppy will begin to associate the act of urinating and defecating with receiving treats and will also soon realize that when you say "potty now", you wish him to do his duties, after which he will get a goody.
The more frequent trips outside with your puppy, the more opportunities you will get to reward your puppy for a befitting activity and the sooner your dog will become housebroken.

When Housebreaking a Puppy, How Often Should the Puppy be Taken Outside?
If possible attempt to take your puppy outside at least once per hour at first while you are at home and not asleep. You will get to know your puppy, and begin to get a feel for his personal schedule, the signals will tell you that your puppy may need to relieve himself.

When you do see your puppy start to urinate or defecate inside, pick him up straightaway and take him outside to his potty area.Also as soon as he wakes in the morning. You also need to take him outside before he goes to bed in the evening.
Housebreaking your puppy will b Be made easier by feeding on a regular schedule, you can start to learn your puppy's bowel and urine habits in relation to his meal time and get know a when he will need to be taken outdoors. A regular feeding schedule will help keep your puppy's bowel habits on a regular schedule.
In addition, feeding a high quality puppy diet will help keep your puppy's stool firm and healthy so that he does not have accidents in the house due to loose bowels.

When Your Puppy Urinates or Defecates in the House
If your puppy has an accident during housebreaking inside the house do not punish him. Chastising him will only confuse him and make him afraid. Realize that the fault is yours because you were not observing your pet when he had the accident and you did not see the signals that he needed to go out.
To clean the mess, move your puppy to his "safe place" and clean the mess without any fuss. Use an enzymatic cleaner to clean any urine so that no odor remains as your puppy will be attracted back to the same spot

How Long Does Housebreaking a Puppy Take?
It takes your pup time to mature enough to have control over their urine and bowels. At least 4 months of age and some puppies take longer.Puppies learn at different rates, just like people do. Keep following your routine and be patient and persistent. Your puppy will learn, eventually the time taken housebreaking a puppy will be rewarded.

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