Small Dog Breeds the best choice for you

Small dog breeds are popular with many people as they require less space and do not require as much exercise as a large or medium dog. Many apartment dwellers favor these breeds for that very reason.

Falling into the Toy or companion group most breeds have a life span of 10-14 years. weigh less than 22lbs and are shorter than 16 inches at the shoulder. Some of the smallest breeds, the Chihuahua being the smallest of all weigh 6 to 8lbs and stand 6 to 10 inches tall at the other end of the scale the Staffordshire bull terrier is the largest weighing 24 to 36lbs standing 14 to 16 inches tall.

There are many breeds in between with varying heights and coat lengths each have individual characters but all share the one common trait of being excellent watchdogs, Despite their size they act very ferocious when a stranger enters their patch, and will let you know when someone is about.

The real problem that faces you is which small dog is best for you as they are all cute dogs, but you should not choose a dog on looks alone. Some breeds are easier to train than others, some shed more hair than others and need more grooming, especially the long haired dogs who will require brushing daily to prevent their coats from becoming tangled. All these things should be taken into account whenconsidering the breed for you. If the ideal dog for you happens to be long haired and grooming is an issue then a quick trimming can solve the problem.

Of all the breeds the Terriers are probably the most energetic and enjoy long walks and chasing games, they are very inquisitive and loyal.

King Charles Spaniels were bred as Lap dogs they are probably the most docile of all small dog breeds they just love to be loved.

Having a small dog presents less problems when traveling, as they can easily be placed in a small dog carrier and kept safe while you are driving.

The final decision rests with you, always check out the breeds temperament and match it to what you expect from a pet, and I am sure you will choose the right small dog breed for you.

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