Large Dog Breeds

With all large dog breeds there is always the question of space and security, when considering a large dog as your pet think about how your circumstances may change over the years, it is important to consider a breed that is known to have the characteristics of being good with children.

No matter at which stage you are in your life, no children yet, have children, children grown up and moved away, there is always the prospect of visiting grandchildren .

Without stating the obvious Large dog breeds require lots of space, both in the home and garden or yard. Lots of exercise to maintain their good healthy appetite.

Will your dog be living indoors or out? If he is to have the luxury of living indoors where will he sleep?Providing him with a large dog bed will take up a fair bit of room, speaking from my own experience a large dog bed for your pet will solve many problems, your dog will learn that he is to sleep in the same place every night.

This will solve the problem of that old joke “I say that's a large dog where does he sleep” answer 'anywhere he wants to'.....It is all part of early training and instilling obedience into your dog from an early start.The last thing anyone wants is a large dog that does anything he wants to, because of their size this can make living with a large dog unbearable.

It is important that your dog is well behaved and does not develop bad behavior traits, such as jumping up, separation anxiety causing costly damage whenever he is left alone, this applies to small dog breeds also but the problems are on a much larger scale with big breeds.

If your dog is to live outdoors as many dogs prefer to do it is important that he has a waterproof kennel such as a plastic dog kennel which offers protection and is easy to clean. Also somewhere that offers him some shade.

All fencing must be strong and secure with no means of escape. Some dogs will dig this could cause a problem if you have a number of shrubs in your garden.Large dogs are lots of fun and great if you enjoy long walks and plenty of exercise, dog agility training is a very good way of enjoying exercise.

My Favorite Large Dog Breeds

German Shepherd

Originating from Germany they were traditionally used as herding dogs, protecting flocks of sheep from predators, because of their size, intelligence and loyalty to man they were soon taken in to the services and are still used extensively by the police, army, air force and many security firms. Once trained they are very obedient they have a friendly nature and are generally very social animals. German shepherd dogs account for almost 5% of dogs registered with the kennel club of America.

Rough Collie

Originating in Scotland this is my all time favorite herding dog, like most people my age will recall any Lassie film was a must see. A very social animal they get on well with children and enjoy human company. Extremely intelligent and easy to train. Just Like Lassie!

Old English Sheepdog

A very large dog that I have had the privilege to own. Rescued from the streets of Manchester, skin and bone, tattered and torn, lived with us for seven years before passing away. One wonderful dog loved the company of adults and children alike, remained a puppy all her life very typical of the breed.

To maintain their coats in show class condition requires a strict grooming regime, lasting many hours everyday. If you consider one of these gentle giants but do not have the time for grooming, a trip to thebarbers for a short back and sides does the trick.

Whichever large dog breed you decide on, enjoy your dog they bring so much love into your lifer>

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