Feeding Grain Free Cat Food to maintain your cats health

Why feed Grain free cat food? Many health problems in dogs and cats are the result of high carbohydrate content found in grains such as rice and wheat, which promote obesity, diabetes, kidney stones/struvite crystals, behavior problems, allergies, skin/coat problems, dogs and cats have a short gastrointestinal system and is short of the enzymes needed to breakdown the cereals and carbohydrates.

In short dogs and cats are as nature intended them to be meat eaters, who stay healthier on a high protein diet of meat, vegetables and fruits and not the grain stuffed convenience food that has been the cause of so many pet food recalls and pet deaths over the last decade. Feed your pet wisely and you will avoid costly visits to the vets.

Giving your pets tinned food as part of a regular diet or occasional meal will be beneficial to their health, as a way to increase their liquid intake, this is important for those pets that suffer with urinary/bladder infections and kidney stones. The best advice is to avoid feeding your dog or cat food containing corn or wheat, read the labels on the packet before you buy them. As an alternative to commercially produced cat food many owners are turning to making their own cat meals.

For hundreds of years domestic cats survived from items of food from the kitchen table, things they hunted and caught, or food they salvaged from the garbage. It is only in the last century that we have come to believe that our cats can not survive without the latest improved packaged cat food offering. There are numerous homemade cat food recipes available here that will create a grain free cat food that will keep your cat healthy.
Try these simple to make recipes, your cat will enjoy them and you will enjoy making them while saving a fortune on shop bought treats.

Some foods to avoid if you are creating your own recipes.

Ingredients to Avoid


Any candy containing the sweetener Xylitol

Grapes and raisins

Macadamia nuts and walnuts

Moldy foods


Mustard seeds

Onions and onion powder

Garlic (raw, cooked, and powdered)

Yeast dough

And of course items like coffee grounds, tea, and alcohol should be kept away from pets. For more information, please see the

ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center website

3 ways to feed your cat on a budget

1 Buy cat food in large bags. They will last longer and your money will be worth spent. Before buying, make sure that the bag can be kept in a sealed container, so that the food can remain fresh and make sure that the food will be consumed within 60 days at the most.

2. search internet and newspapers for coupons

3. make your own cat food

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