Inviting a Pet into your Home?
Free Pet Advice is here to help.

So are you really ready to choose a pet?

The best free pet advice that can be given is Be Sure, Be Really Sure that the type of pet you choose matches your home and your lifestyle. With this in mind and the pet advice you will find here, choosing the best pet for you will be made easier.

Free Pet is where you will find the facts and the fantasy about a variety of pets you may consider as being your perfect partner.

Dog and kitten sleeping

Among these pages you will find advice on dog breeds, man's oldest companion, pet cats, unusual pets, feathered friends, the best pets.
Advice and Tips on animal health, animal training that makes life so much easier when both the owner and the pet understand the rules for a happy life together.

Hints and Tips

Free pet advice helping you recognize and interpret your pets actions and moods, which may be a sign of boredom, or the onset of a health problem. Recognizing the signs early could well save your pets life.

questioning boxer

Advice on food and feeding
What, When, How

Building a Bond
A bond that will last a lifetime is very important, as a well cared for pet will live for many years and be totally reliant on you as their keeper.

Dogs and Dog Breeds
Choosing the right dog for you and how to keep him/her happy.

Pet Cats
grey Persian cat A look at cats and cat behavior. The Joys and Mysteries of owning a pet cat, never has there been so much written about any other animal, cats appear throughout history as mysterious creatures associated with witchcraft and evil sources, and yet to look at them you would never believe it. Cats have a long life span and attach themselves to their owners in much the same way as a dog, making themselves perfect pets.

Rabbits as Pets

young rabbit The third most popular pet, how to keep them healthy and the fun you can have with Bunny Hopping.

Small and Unusual Pets
A look at the more unusual pets that intrigue us so much.

When considering inviting a pet into your home, you are making a home for them, feeding, cleaning, keeping them healthy sharing your home and life.

The rewards are great as you receive the love, devotion and companionship, that your pet bestows on you. A true friend who will never judge you or question you.

A Final Note
Choose your pet wisely their Future depends on your decision. Our main concern at is for the welfare of the pets that are chosen by us.
To help you Find what you are looking for simply click on the subject on the navigation bar on the left and click on the links for more information.
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Dog Agility Training
Dog Agility Training forms a great bond between dog and handler, The best exercise for dog and owner..
Agility Course plans
agility course plans are available in advance so the handler can familiarize themselves with the layout, to make speed and accuracy count
Dog Agility Equipment
Dog Agility equipment as used in competitions can be made very easily for backyard agility practice
Agility Dog Jumping
Agility dog jumping first started in 1978 as a means of keeping the crowd entertained and has been keeping us entertained ever since!
A Frame Construction
Make your own A frame following simple plans for a construction that is not only safe but one you will be proud of
Dog Breeds a Matter of Choice
With so many dog breeds to choose from it takes time to select the right. dog for you.
Working Dogs
Working Dogs or camp Followers, Mans close working partnership with his dog.
Dog Accessories When to Accessorize?
Dog Accessories Only one Reason Why your Dog Should ever Wear a Dress
Animal training the solution to pet problems
Animal Training the best free pet advice for a happy pet
Become a Dog Trainer read on....
As there are no set requirements or formal qualifications to become a dog trainer, you do not need a degree or formal training course. This however does not mean that anyone setting themselves up as
The Joy of Pet Cats
Why Pet Cats can bring so much joy to your life. Cats even older cats are always ready to play!
Cat Behavior
How to translate Cat Behavior for a happy life. Cat behavior may vary among breeds and individual cats.
Fleas on Cats
Four steps to eradicate fleas on cats and stop major infestation of your home
Grain Free Cat Food
Feeding Grain Free Cat Food to maintain your cats health
Dealing with Hair Balls
Prevent Hair Balls by regular grooming, Brush your cat everyday to stop those hair balls
Kitten Care
Kitten care, the most important part of a kittens new life is...
Small Pets can make the Best Pets
Small Pets can bring a new dimension to childs life.
Gerbils Have Fun!
Gerbils probably have more fun than any other pet, they are a very active small pet who enjoy burrowing and investigating
Guinea Pig Care
Guinea Pig Care, It is important for your pets health that he gets plenty of exercise and is kept in clean conditions the hutch should be cleaned at least once per week
Hamsters Curious Bundles of Fun
Hamsters have all the fun of the Fair! fascinating to watch
Rabbit Breeds
Fortunately the majority of rabbit breeds are relatively easy to care for, requiring only weekly grooming while others will need daily brushing
Bunny Hopping
Bunny Hopping,Rabbit show jumping, rabbit dressage. Call it what you will, I call it the most amazing feat of Bunny Ability!
Build Rabbit Hutch To-day
Build Rabbit Hutch? or Buy Rabbit Hutch? That is the question, asked by many is it cheaper to build one yourself or is it best left to the experts? compare for yourself.
Unusual Pets Strike a Chord
Keeping Unusual Pets like Reptiles and Insects offer a glimpse of the past
Insects as Pets
Living with insects as pets may seem strange to some people, but is fascinating to others.
Bearded Dragon
The Bearded dragon originally from the central desert areas of Australia is an ancient lizard, who gets its name from its physical appearance
Birds Our Feathered Friends
Birds the envy of man-O' for the wings of a dove, how much cleaner would our environment be if man had the gift of natural flight
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holiday pet safety
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