Birds the Envy of Man

O' for the wings of a dove, any birds wing come to that, how much cleaner would our environment be if man had the gift of natural flight.

Having been given the most blessings of all Gods creatures, and inspired the most asked question

'Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?'

No other creature has

Multicoloured plumage, with such vibrant colours.

Keen sight with all round vision.

The ability to mimic sounds and speech.

The knowledge to build intricate nests.

Natural homing instincts.

The power of flight, so envied by Man.

Communication through song, unique to each species.

coulorful bird

Birds of all breeds are among my favorite animals, they are fascinating to watch and are easily tamed, develop their own character and provide endless hours of entertainment.

My one objection to keeping them as a pet is that in order to 'keep' them it is necessary to cage them. I believe that they were meant to be free, hence Gods gift of flight.

For those who love the company of feathered friends, my advice is to build the largest aviary possible and keep the smallest feathered friend. Apply the same standard if a cage is the only alternative.

Some cages are so small that the prisoners suffer from stress and start plucking at their feathers, be sure to release it on a regular basis, allowing it to fly around the room, they will naturally return to their cage in time.

Different species adapt better to living in close contact with man, budgerigars, cockateils, parrots, cockatoos are among the most popular, all of which have the ability to mimic speech. Being extremely intelligent most can be trained to perform tricks and interact with their owners.

One good point, they are relatively inexpensive to keep, not Cheap! Cheap! But require only a small budget to feed and house, maintaining a clean cage is paramount to keeping your pet healthy.

A word about Parrots!

Parrots in general have a very long life span, and in many cases out live their owners, only consider them as a pet if you can provide adequate provision for them throughout the whole of their life

Please, if you gain nothing else from this page always remember small bird + Big Cage= Happy Flight

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