Pet Cats?
The Magic and Mystery

Pet cats are the most fascinating of all small animals, they have a unique independent personality. Being perfectly happy to enjoy the company of humans, and well equipped with all the skills to survive as a solo predator.

Feline is impossible to define, cats have so many traits that it would be impossible to list them all, cats appear in literature , music, films, pantomimes, songs and poems.

Everything that has ever been written about cats hardly covers the magic and mystery that surrounds a cats behavior Simply look at a kitten and your heart melts if they could only stay as kittens
cute kitten

Cats remain kittens in their nature throughout their lives, always willing to take part in a game of chase the paper, or tangle the Knitting wool.

I recall an incident when my 21 year old cat "Lucky" discovered my mothers bag of knitting wool, and chased and unravelled every ball around the livingroom, weaving a multi cloured web in and out of every leg of every chair, table, coffee table that any spider would have been proud of. After hours of unravelling and winding up the wool it was put away safely. We all have a cat tale we can recall. What's your story remembered?

This brings me to the point that whenever you bring a pet into your home ensure that it is a safe place for them to live. Always check a new pet for fleas or parasites as

fleas on cats can be difficult to eradicate if not detected early.
Cats even older cats enjoy play, which is all part of maintaining good health.
A scratching post is a must, as there is nothing more a cat loves than to sink its claws into a post, this is just another of the many cat behaviours that you will observe.

Keeping a cat happy may entail building a Cat Gym in the garden anything with shelves, posts, dangling ropes will all keep a cat happy and give you hours of joy just watching them.

Keeping your pet cat healthy starts with a good diet, many
grain free cat food recipes are available which will keep your cat in good health. Sometimes it is necessary to restrict your cat and deny him some of his creature comforts even his freedom if it is in his best interests.

Disgruntled cat They may not be too happy about it but knowing your cat and home are both safe is worth a little disgruntled expression.

Cats are so much fun and good company, free spirits, but still their love comes in a cupboard. they are very easy to care for and make excellent pets.

Pet Cats Photos used under Creative Commons from harperlauren, blatch, cripics, semarr Leonid Mamchenkov

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