Pet Rats become so attached to their owners

Rats to pet rats, over the years the rat has been subject to bad press, being sited as a harbinger of disease, and the cause of infestation and untold damage, this of course does not apply to the numerous fancy rats that have been selectively chosen for their good looks and loving temperaments.

Bred from the wild brown rat, they display totally different characteristics from their wild ancestors, they are sociable animals that respond to humans much like the family dog, being able to be trained to respond to their name when called and can be taught many tricks.

drinking rat

Ask anyone who has a rat as a pet and they will tell you that, rats are extremely intelligent, quick to learn, very clean and make excellent pets and companions. It is important to note if you are considering a rat as a pet, they do require plenty of exercise outside of their cage at least a hour per day, their cage should be no less than 24" X12" the bigger the better. A wire cage is best as it allows plenty of ventilation and will be used by your pet as a climbing frame.

As time out of the cage is so important to the health of your rat it is wise to purchase a pet from a reputable breeder, who will have ensured that the rat has been handled regularly. when handling your pet pick him up under his chest never by his tail, hold him confidently and do not squeeze to tightly he will soon become accustomed to you and handling will never be a problem as he becomes more and more attached to you.

Like ourselves they will enjoy fresh foods,vegetables grains (wheat, barley, oats, millet) High protein puppy food as a good supplement for rats up to 10 weeks old, they thrive best on a varied diet, plenty of exercise and lots of attention.

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